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Creative State Michigan is the source for information on how the arts, culture, arts education and creative industries contribute to Michigan and its economy.

Arts and culture organizations are magnetic hubs of activity for communities across the state, stimulating business traffic while offering enrichment, education and entertainment to visitors and residents alike.  Deeply connected to this activity are Michigan’s creative for-profit businesses, such as architecture, design, film/video, and publishing firms, and creative jobs, such as industrial designers at manufacturers and their suppliers or musicians and other independent artists.  The economic activity by arts and cultural nonprofits and arts-related businesses, and the tax revenue they generate, are critical to expanding Michigan’s economic base.

As Michigan has sought methods to overcome its fiscal challenges, the creative industries and nonprofit arts and culture organizations largely have been overlooked, despite the significant value they bring to the state’s economy, combined with their ability to attract and retain professional talent and business investment. Through Creative State Michigan, ArtServe Michigan is demonstrating that value with standardized, verifiable data so the sector can be included in the strategies to build a strong future for Michigan.


Creative State Michigan has two sections: Impact that contains the Economic, Education and Community contributions of the creative sector and Health that contains measures of the financial status of arts and culture nonprofit organizations.

Descriptions of the information used to compile the report can be found in Data Sources. In Reports, you can download a PDF to print with the key findings on the website as well as find links to a growing list of reports on creative industries in other communities. To learn more about Creative State Michigan or contact project leaders, go to the About and Leadership and Funding pages.