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The creative economy is a growth sector opportunity in Michigan. Michigan’s creative sector is making major contributions to our state’s economy – creating jobs and spending in local communities. This year, ArtServe expanded its data set to comprehensively define and measure the influence of the creative industries to Michigan’s economy by including sole proprietors, independent entrepreneurs and for-profit creative businesses, as well as nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Later this year we will publish a full study of our work to document and define the creative industries in Michigan. Click through for more details on nonprofit art and culture organizations, creative industries and on cultural tourism.

Americans for the Arts Creative Industries: Business & Employment in the Arts data indicates that arts-related businesses and jobs increased in Michigan from 2006 through 2011.


Even during the severe downtown in Michigan’s economy, the total number of arts-related jobs increased by 15% and the number of arts-related businesses grew by 65% from 2006 to 2011.

These graphs show a conservative estimate of the number of arts-related jobs and businesses in Michigan, using Dun & Bradstreet data compiled by Americans for the Arts.  It includes for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations.