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Can I access the data used in this report?

The tourism information is reported by Pure Michigan on its website.  The arts-related businesses and arts-related jobs numbers can be found on the American’s for the Arts website. An organization, venue or event can enter data into the Michigan Cultural Data Project and see its own information using a variety of reports, and once its own data are review complete, can compare itself to others in the database.

Others can analyze data in the Cultural Data Project through a research licensing agreement.  The full description of the steps to access CDP data can be found on the national Cultural Data Project website. Arts and culture funders can use reports generated by the Cultural Data Project to review information on their applicants and grantees.

Why isn’t Organization XYZ in the report?

This report contains data from the 424 organizations that had Fiscal Year 2011 data qualified by the Michigan Cultural Data Project on December 13, 2013.   As of January 2013, over 797 organizations are participating in the Cultural Data Project, but not all of them have completed the data review process. Future Creative State Michigan reports will include more information, as more organizations complete their annual data profiles.

Is there a media release about Creative State Michigan?

A press release was issued January 30, 2014.  Download the PDF here. Media inquiries, please contact Kristin Sokul at Tanner Friedman, or 248-254-6788. All others, please contact Sarah Triplett, Director of Public Policy at ArtServe Michigan, 248-912-0760 x6# or